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How do you lose weight? Everyone knows how to lose weight. The most popular method is to consume less calories than you burn. Then the fat will melt away. Right? Well not exactly. There are a number of key variables that effect how quickly and how efficiently the human body loses weight and maintains a state of homeostasis. It doesn’t do any good to lose a few pounds only to have your metabolism slow down and gain all the weight back and then some.

So what are the keys? Why isn’t everyone at their ideal weight? Primarily because we enjoy eating! Right? Nobody wants to deprive themselves of the foods they crave to eat. Other barriers are the costs associated with eating healthy. It’s more work to eat healthy. You have to be more organized and it takes more time to eat healthy.

The fact is most people are looking for a short cut. They are looking for a program to give them direction or to bypass the time consuming or costly process of limiting calories or only eating healthy foods. They are looking for something that speeds up weight loss. Almost all weight loss methods involve either limiting calories or choosing better sources of calories (better foods).

In reality the best approach is to follow what the research has shown and what common sense dictates. Research supports the importance of eating breakfast in losing weight. Low glycemic index foods promote lunchtime satiety. Numerous studies support the use of whey protein in weight loss. Numerous studies support the toxic overload theory and the need to cleanse the body of toxins by supporting the liver. Numerous studies show fiber increases satiety and most of us don’t get anywhere near the fiber we need. Many studies support low carbohydrate/high protein diets.

Our clinic in Frisco, TX promotes a weight loss program that is safe, easy to follow, promotes satiety and is nutritious. The program is beneficial for weight loss as well as diabetes and heart disease. This medical weight loss program is supported by research and available only thru doctors and physicians. This natural program allows sufficient time to make lifestyle changes.

The key components of our program are a high quality protein source, fiber and detoxifying herbs for the liver and gastrointestinal tract. Other weight loss supplements recommended as needed include a greens drink, Omega 3 oils, HCG, CLA, L-arginine, probiotics etc. New research in weight loss shows the gut flora may be related to adipose (fat) storage validating the use of probiotics. Many of the weight loss products are consumed via a nutritious shake and or drink.

Most weight loss diets center around the philosophy of deprivation. You must avoid foods you want to eat and limit your total caloric intake. Our weight loss program centers around the philosophy of nourishment. We want you to eat as many nourishing and healthy foods as you possibly can. Foods that will help balance your hormones and remove toxins from your body. We provide a list of the healthiest and best weight loss foods and you simply pick the ones you like the most and take the supplements provided.

An important weight loss tip is to eat lot of foods that promote satiety or the state of being satisfied with your level of fullness. The best satiety foods are apples, eggs, cauliflower, Greek yogurt, oatmeal, soup, fish, salad, potatoes, sweet potatoes, oranges, lean proteins and brown rice. Weight loss supplements for satiety are green tea, capsaicin (red pepper, mustard, ginger), Gymnema, bitter melon, cinnamon, calcium, caffeine, whey and 5-HTP.

For fast weight loss include a diet high in fiber. Fiber promotes prolonged chewing and this mechanical stimulation helps the body release satiety hormones as well as binding with fats to limit absorption. Fiber also slows gastric emptying and increases gut hormones related to satiety by increasing the bulk of the food.

The purpose of our weight loss program is to get you started on your weight loss goals, remove harmful foods from your diet and assist your body in the detoxification process. Following this program, it is imperative that you proceed by eating healthy foods and exercising. This program should not be the end but the beginning of leading a healthier lifestyle.

Ultimately your success will depend on eating clean (mostly vegetables, fruits and lean meats) and exercising (interval training and resistance training). The general consensus regarding weight loss is diet equates to 70% of the process and exercise 30%. A balanced approach similar to this yields the best chance for success. It is difficult to maintain extreme exercise routines over the long haul. It is also unlikely and unhealthy to maintain extreme diets over the long haul. Failures rates over a 5 year period exceed 90%. Deprivation normally leads to failure therefore your primary focus should be eating as many nourishing, healthy foods as you can. Try to find foods you really enjoy eating. Make a list of these foods and make sure to reference this list when shopping.

A great website for information on the health ratings of various foods is

If you are interested or have questions on how to diet or how to lose weight, contact Frisco Spinal Rehab today. Our natural weight loss program is available at our clinic in Frisco, TX. Our program may help you not only lose weight but also lead a healthier lifestyle.

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