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Cold laser therapy also known as low level laser therapy (LLLT) is an emerging treatment that utilizes a specific wavelength and frequency of light to influence cell metabolism and function. As long as the laser beam is not pointed directly into the eye, there is no significant risk regarding the safety of this treatment. The laser works by emitting photons that stimulate cells to initiate biochemical reactions. Enzymes and energy may be released within the cell to promote a healing response.

Cold laser therapy may be used in areas of the body where there is pain or an injury. Cold laser therapy may be able to reduce inflammation and swelling, release energy within the cell, relax muscle spasms and promote faster healing. Treatment effects appear to be cumulative however many times only a few treatments will be necessary. Over 2500 studies have been performed with cold laser therapy but due to a lack of consensus, most insurance companies still consider it experimental and do not provide coverage for it.

Conditions that may respond well to cold laser therapy include arthritis, tendonitis, joint pain and neck pain. In addition, accelerated wound healing has been reported with this therapy. Many professional athletes and sports teams reports positive results including the New England Patriots as well as Lance Armstrong.

If you are suffering from a condition you think cold laser may help, please contact Frisco Spinal Rehabilitation today and schedule an appointment with our chiropractors. Our patient exam and diagnostic services may help you get back to better health and a more active lifestyle.

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